Herpla provides technical services, maintenance, repairs and installations for all of the equipment it distributes. Among these are:

  • Valve Automation & Calibration – pneumatic & electric valves, actuators, positioners.
  • Chemical/Diaphragm Seal Installation, Filling & Calibration – for Gauges & Transmitters
  • Dust and Gas Explosion Hazard Testing & Evaluations – evaluate protection needs and options for dust collectors, fluid bed dryers, tablet coaters, thermal oxidizers, bucket elevators, coal pulverizers, etc.
  • Rupture Disk & Pressure Relief Valves – Application and Specification
  • HVAC Control Solutions, Environmental Controls
  • Flame Safeguard, Burner & Boiler Controls
  • Custom solutions for diverse process applications: Fluid Batching, Process Automation, Portable Cleaning Stations, Custom Control Panels

Herpla Engineering Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction.  Rest assured we provide every customer with the best service available. We do not claim to be the best distribution company in Puerto Rico, but we do guarantee there is none better.